MDC is a truly amazing dance school , you feel you belong to a real dance family, where everyone cares and everyone matters.  We were made to feel so welcome when we joined and have made some great friends.  It’s a hard working family with a strong emphasis on learning, but also on having fun and supporting each other, this gives the students encouragement to work hard and attain excellent results.  Each student is nurtured to bring out the best in their ability, led by Miss Danielle, Miss Debra and their amazing team of teachers.  Along with regular classes, there are many opportunities to take part in masterclasses giving all the students additional dance and performing arts experiences with some amazing professionals. 

Many students compete at local and national dance competitions giving them the opportunity if they wish to, to perform on many stages around the country.  The end of year dance shows where every student contributes are spectacular to watch and a true testament to the excellence of the teaching and the hard work , of the students.
Since moving to MDC, my daughter Holly has never loved dance so much. I have watched her blossom into a confident performer thanks to Miss Danielle , Miss Debra and their amazing team.
Thank you for being amazing MDC

Debbie Pyke

My daughter Amy has been dancing at McLaren for over three years and has never looked back. The level of expertise, skill and commitment from the dedicated teachers has meant that she has gone from strength to strength. Her technique and performance have massively improved and her passion for dance ignited. MDC not only develops children’s dance ability but it also creates lasting memories through competitions, performances and master classes. Every child at this school is special and the teachers develop individual dances that build on strengths and develop areas of weakness.

It is a very special school and a family of which you are part of for life! Without Miss Dani, Miss Debra and Miss Francena we would be lost – they are inspirational and foster life long skills in all the children they teach. Come and join the MDC team – your child will excel and shine in ways you never believed!

Natalie Longstaff

My daughter Emily Lambert started dancing at age 2 and a half years. Having watched my two cousins dance at the school for a number of years I thought it would be a good discipline for Emily to learn.

My intention was that she would attend grade class every Saturday. How wrong could I be even at that young age she got the bug and dancing became hers and my life!

Emily started competing and progressed to all seven solos eventually having duets and trios with her friends.

Whilst at the school Emily has completed all her Ballet grade exams and Tap exams. At age seven she was given the opportunity to perform in the Pantomime Dick Whittington at Manchester Opera House with friends from the school and the Chuckle Brothers over a six week run.

Emily’s time at the school has been great, she has grown in confidence over the years, Miss Debra and Miss Danielle have been great teachers and role models to her, sadly Emily is coming to the end of her dance journey as she looks forward to going to University in the hope of becoming a primary school teacher.

I am sure the experience she has had at the school over the last 15 years will stand her in good stead and I would personally like to take the opportunity to thanks Debra and Danielle for their encouragement and dedication to Emily, the school has been a massive part of both of our lives and long may it continue to bring joy to other girls and boys for many more years to come.


Jackie Lambert

Ebony adores coming to MDC . She has improved her dancing and flexibility so much in the last 7 years. She has a big soft spot for Miss Danielle and Miss Debra.

Becky Greenwood

My daughter Rose has been dancing since the age of 2, when she was 10 her passion and confidence of which she was born with was coming very low at the dance school she began her training with. As a parent who had invested a lot of time and money I wasn’t ready to let Rose give it all up and wanted to help her get that passion back.

I contacted Miss Danielle from The McLaren Dance Company who agreed to let Rose have a little trial with no obligation to see what she thought, as ultimately it was up to Rose weather she wished to carry on with her dancing. After 1 ballet class with Miss Danielle in Grade 3 she came out saying please can I come again and I saw her face light up which is something I hadn’t seen for a while. Rose is now 12 and recently performed in The Mclaren Dance show at Burnley Mechanics and to see her shining on that stage was so good to see!

The standard of training is top class and very professional! The children are encouraged to be the best that they can be. Roses technique in her dancing has improved so much with the training of Miss Danielle, Miss Debra and Miss Francena and all the other teachers as well as the master classes which the children are also encouraged to do.

The McLaren Dance Company is like a family and I am very grateful that Rose and I are part of it. Rose got her passion back for dance, has met some great friends along the way but most of all is happy! We are looking forward to seeing what the next few years brings.

Bernadette Trueman

Being part of the MDC family has become an integral part of our lives. My daughter, Eleanor, starting dancing at Mclaren Dance Company when she was two. She was the quietest child in the class and cried every time she went on stage. She has gone from a shy little girl to a confident, talented young woman. Thank you Miss Dani and Miss Debra for being there to nurture, encourage and support her.

She’s only started competing three years ago and the difference in her confidence, ability and technique are astounding. She is a joy to watch. She comes alive on stage and her passion is electric.

Is hard to believe that her journey with MDC will soon come to an end when she moves into to the next stage of her dance life, at dance college or university. But our connection with MDC will last for life. Thank you for everything Miss Dani and Miss Debra.

Kirsten Broderick

Changing our daughters dance school was a hard decision at the time but the best thing we ever did as a family. Our daughter has come on exceptionally she has improved beyond belief in the last couple of years. Miss Danielle, Miss Debra and Miss Francena are the best teachers you could wish for and ensure all the girls progress to the best of their ability.

Our daughter Holly is on the competition team and her routines are amazing, well polished and suit her personality. Most importantly for us as parents the special thing about Mclaren is the ethos of the school – the girls are all friendly there’s a very special feel about the place.

Sharon & Ross Calvert

My daughter Sarah is 17yrs old and has danced since the age of 2. She is hoping to make dance her future career. Earlier this year she had her confidence knocked. She stopped believing in herself and talked about giving up dance. After 15 yrs that would have been a shame.

In our search for a solution we approached Mclaren Dance Company. From her first visit there to meet Miss Danielle we knew that we were there to stay. Both Miss Danielle and Debra along with their team of amazing teachers have shown Sarah incredible love and support. They have gone above and beyond to re-build her confidence and give her back her love of Dance.

Sarah has a busy year ahead with applications and auditions but Miss Danielle and Debra are right behind her with support and preparation. We know she is in good hands and have every confidence that they will play a big part in this chapter of her dance journey. Mclaren Dance Company is outstanding!!!

Karen Burns

Mollie began dancing at the McLaren Dance Company in 2009, aged just 3, where she began learning the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and other dance styles. We were drawn to the dance school due to recommendations from both friends and family alike about the high quality of teaching, as well as the vast range of opportunities that the school would be able to offer Mollie. And this has certainly been the case; from masterclasses with professionals in the industry such as Alex Ryan, Michael Lowry, Karl Newsam to performing in the Northern Ballet School’s production of the Nutcracker, to dance competitions up and down the country, there is always something extra to be doing on top of weekly lessons on technique, group work, and individual training.

It is through these wider opportunities that Mollie has found her love for jazz and other commercial genres. All of these opportunities are down to the hard work of Miss Danielle who works tirelessly to get the best out of Mollie and all the children at the dance school. Since starting the school, Mollie has become not just a better dancer, but she has become a much more confident, well-rounded young girl, and she has found friends that she will have for life.

Julie Roberts

I cannot say enough good things about this dance school, Miss Danielle and Miss Debra are both incredible amazing teachers, very supportive and attentive to all the children. All the children there are very lovely and supportive to each other.

My daughter has been dancing here for nearly a year. She has been given wonderful opportunities to perform and compete. She absolutely loves MDC!

Angela Pardillo

Evie has been dancing at McLarens from the age of 5 and has dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Through hard work and dedication, along with support from Miss Danielle, Evie has been successful at many auditions, being offered places and scholarships at these prestigious schools. Evie trains 5 days a week and through the professional attitude and experiences of her teachers, Miss Danielle and Miss Francena, she has progressed both techiniquely and in confidence.

MDC provides a professional, encouraging environment for all pupils where they learn much more than just the ability of dance. They learns to build friendships, commitment, teamwork and discipline.

Michelle Dootson

Moving my daughters from their old dance school to McLaren was the best choice I could have made for them. They are taught to an exceptional standard by experienced and dedicated teachers. They have both made so much progress, have gained confidence, new friends and are learning so much in a fun environment with great results.

Natasha Cross

Two years ago we took the decision to move our then six year old to another dance school. This was not an easy decision to make – however as parents we were sure despite our daughter appearing settled where she was she was not getting the appropriate training and teaching skills to not only improve her technique but her confidence in performing but with her peers. Miss Dani and Miss Debra – were more then welcoming and, not only to my daughter but to me as a parent.

They made the transition very easy and stress free. I can safely say our daughter has gone from strength to strength – performing in shows and competing in festivals across the north west. We have watched her go from strength to to strength, and will continue with this hobby at this dance school for many years to come.

Becky Field

My daughter Leonie has only been dancing at McLaren for 5 months and I’ve already seen her change so much.  Her love for dance is stronger than ever and Miss Danni and Miss Debra are just the nicest principals you could ever wish for . I’ve seen Leonie’s happiness blossom since we started both hers and mine . They are truly my second family and all the parents are so lovely as well

Amanda Hellman

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