MDC Competition Team

Evie Dootson , Ruby Nuttall, Amy Longstaff, Olivia Moore, Holly Calvert, Maddison Thew, Mia Coco, Kiki Savarese, Beatrice Armitage, Arlette Pardillo, Darcey Bowles , Brandon Hunter, Alyssa Kerfoot, Olivia Young, Erin Hindle, Mollie Roberts, Mia Bugg, Emily Clarkson, Neve Cross, Amelie Cross, Ebony Greenwood, Eleanor Broderick, Ellie Dawson, Holly Pyke, Grace Bentley , Elise Littler , Leonie Hellman and Florence Moluluo are all part of the MDC Competition Team and compete in dance competitions all over the UK, winning lots of medals and trophies!

Congratulations to all the girls – we are extremely proud of all of you and also every single one of our students at MDC!!!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

MDC Achievements 2020!

Firstly Huge Congratulations to the whole of Team MDC for training Online on Zoom in 2020

you have all worked so so hard and we are so proud of each and every one of you !!!

Ruby Nuttall became the ‘Junior TDCI DOUBLE Champion Of All Champions Winner 2020‘ for both Ballet and Modern and Won a Scholarship to Phil Winston’s Theatre Works Summer Intensive

Brandon Hunter Came 3rd Place in The
‘TDCI Senior Modern Champion Of All Champions 2020‘

Olivia Moore and Ruby Nuttall have both already qualified for the next ‘TDCI World Cabaret Performer‘

Maddison Thew was chosen for the Leading Child Role in a Very Prestigious West End Musical in London and has also just been chosen for an Ensemble Dance Role in a new Musical Film for Netflix filming this year .

Ruby Nuttall has been Nominated for the Very Prestigious ‘Young Performers Carl Alan Award’ and Miss Debra Mclaren for ‘The Carl Alan Teachers Award‘

Amy Longstaff auditioned for Laine Theatre Arts, Bird College, Addict and Shockout and was Extremely successful and given a place at all four colleges . Amy has decided to continue her Training with Shockout after being awarded the ‘Elliott Campaign Scholarship‘

Arlette Larkin – Pardillo Successfully auditioned for Bird College in London and started her Training with them in September.

Maddison Thew Successfully auditioned for Elmhurst , The Hammond and Moorlands and was given a place at all three schools. Maddison is now attending Moorlands aswell as still Training with MDC .

Eleanor Broderick Auditioned for LMA College in Liverpool, was offered a place on the day and started her Training with them in September

Morgan Clark Succesfully auditioned for ‘Shockout Performing Arts’ And started her Training with them in September

Olivia Moore became ‘Fox Valleys TDCI Senior Modern Champion’ and also won all 3 of the ‘Senior Prestige Grand Final Championships ‘ in Ballet, Modern and Lyrical

Ruby Nuttall Became
‘ TDCI Doncaster Fevrier Junior Ballet Champion 2020 ‘
‘ TDCI Cheshire Junior Ballet Champion 2020 ‘
‘ Fox Valley Junior Modern Champion 2020 ‘
‘ Fox Valley Junior S&D Champion 2020 ‘
And was the ‘ Prestige Grand Final Champion Teen Ballet and Song And Dance ‘ Winner.

Maddison Thew was Awarded the ‘Junior Miss Prestigue Award‘ in July and was the
‘Prestige Grand Final Junior Ballet and Vocalist Champion’

Ruby Nuttall has been Nominated for 2 ‘Classique de Danse Awards’ for Theatre and for Vocal

Ava – Grayce Gregson became a ‘Pauline Quirk Performing Arts Member‘ and auditioned and gained a place with ‘Phil Winston’s Associates Programme’

Miss Lancashire Winners for 2020 ….
Evie Dootson , Beatrice Armitage, Ruby Nuttall, Olivia Moore and Holly Calvert

Charlotte Walmsley has had another successful year training with ‘SLP Mid Associates’

Emily Clarkson was chosen by Eden Dancewear to be a Mini Model

Ruby Nuttall was chosen by Matt Flint as the ‘Can You Dance? Scholarship Winner’ for 2021 Out of hundreds of dancers

Elise Littler Successfully Auditioned for The Royal Ballet Junior Associates and starts her Training with them this year

Florence Moluluo was chosen for the ‘ Stage Box Elite Team ‘

Maddison Thew Was Accepted onto the ‘White Lodge’ Summer Intensive

Ruby Nuttall has had another successful year training with ‘ Royal Ballet Schools Mid Associates Programme ‘

Mia Bugg was taken on by ‘My Kids Modelling Agency ‘

Olivia Moore , Amy Longstaff, Ruby Nuttall and Mia Coco have all had another Succesfull year training with Olivia Highams OHC Associates

Romie Cougill Successfully Gained a place with ‘Phil Winston’s Associates’

Mia Coco, Elise Littler and Ruby Nuttall were all given a Scholarship by Jessica Jones Acrobatics to train Online with her on her
‘ Acrobatics Training Module ‘

Holly Calvert has completed another year training with the ‘Northern Intermediate Associates‘ and also became an Ambassador for ‘Enpointe Dance Supplies‘

Mia Coco and Mia Bugg were both chosen by Moorlands Ballet School to train with them on their Associates Programme

All of MDC Students Successfully passed their RAD Ballet Exams in March with 90 percent gaining Distinction

Mia Bugg And Elise Littler were both selected for ‘The Elmhurst Young Dancers Programme ‘

Congratulations to all the students on The MDC Competition Team for another Successful Year of Competitions with most of them being Online You have all been Superstars !! Lots of Medals, Trophies , Prizes and Special Awards have been Won again this year Congratulations to all these students who have competed this year…

MDC Achievements 2019!

Ruby Nuttall both successfully auditioned and was awarded scholarships for the Yorkshire Ballet Summer School.

Raya Cadle was selected for a full time place at Elmhurst Ballet School.

Brandon Hunter was selected to perform in Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet at The Lowry and then from this was chosen to train at Matthew Bourne’s Swan School In London.

Ruby Nuttall was selected for a full time place at Whitelodge and Raya Cadle  both made it to the final auditions.

Maddison Thew made her professional debut as Susan Walker in the musical
‘Miracle On 34th Street’ at Liverpool
Playhouse Theatre .

Ruby Nuttall became both British TDCI Junior Modern and Ballet champion 2019!!! And also English TDCI Junior Song And Dance Champion 2019!!

Ruby Nuttall at The TDCI British Championships was awarded the Special Award for ‘Most Promising Female Dancer’ over the whole competition.

This Year we have won 24 TDCI championships !!! ….
Ruby Nuttall – 8 Junior Ballet, 7 Modern, 3 Song And Dance.
Olivia Moore – 3 Senior Modern
Brandon Hunter – 1 Senior Modern.

Brandon Hunter was given an unconditional place at both Bird College and Rambert and is now very happy studying at Bird.

Team MDC were winners of Blackpool All England Dance Festivals Senior Stage and Commercial Groups.

Ava – Grayce Gregson performed with The English Youth Ballet Company in their production of Giselle .

Both Evie Dootson and Poppy Hart were both given unconditional places at Shockout Performing Arts.

Poppy Hart was chosen to be an amabassador for Eden Dancewear.

Emily Clarkson was chosen by Eden Dancewear to be a mini model on one of their latest photo shoots.

Amy Longstaff, Poppy Hart, Darcey Bowles and Arlette Larkin all performed on the main stage at Move It 2019 with Shockout and Eden Dancewear.

Brandon Hunter successfully made the final of Master Dance 2019 and performed in the final at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Maddison Thew was selected to be a Royal Ballet Junior Associate and Raya Cadle and Ruby Nuttall were all selected to be a Royal Ballet Mid Associate .

This year we have had a full school of Distinctions for our RAD Vocational Ballet exams and NATD Tap exams.

Miss Lancashire Winners this year..
Evie Dootson , Holly Calvert, Mia Bugg, Maddison Thew, Amy Longstaff, Olivia Moore and Ruby Nuttall.

Ruby Nuttall was invited to perform her ballet solo in the cabaret at this years Barbara Sharples Choreography Awards.

Brandon Hunter , Amy Longstaff and Olivia Moore have all already qualified for the final of Miss and Master Dance in June 2020 at The Winter Gardens .

Ruby Nuttall has been nominated for Le Classique De Danse Award 2020 for both the Theatre and Vocal category.

Eleanor Broderick offered an unconditional place at LMA College for 2020.

Amy Longstaff and Olivia Moore chosen by Olivia Higham to be part of her OHC Company.

Holly Calvert was given a place with The Northern Ballets Mid Associates programme.

Olivia Moore and Amy Longstaff both qualified for the final of The World Cabaret Performer 2019 and Olivia Moore has already qualified for 2020.

Ava- Grayce Gregson, Mia Oldroyd, Mia Bugg Romie Cougill , Maddison Thew and Holly Calvert all successfully chosen by Moorlands to train on their associates programme.

Mille Cross, Neve Cross and Ava – Grayce Gregson all chosen to train with the Denman Theatre Associates.

All students performed in ‘MDC In The Spotlight’ at Burnley Mechanics Theatre.

Sophie Barton was chosen by Craig Wharmby to perform with his team at Disneyland in Paris.

Charlotte Walmsley successfully auditioned and gained a place with SLP Mid Associates.

Romie Cougill successfully auditioned and gained a place with Stage Box Kids.

Leonie Hellman, Erin Hindle , Mia Oldroyd, Mia Bugg, Emily Clarkson , Mollie Roberts, Ruby Nuttall, Holly Calvert, Neve Cross, Millie Cross and Elise Littler were all chosen by The Norther Ballet School to dance in their Christmas production of Coppelia at The Dancehouse .

The MDC Comp Team has had another successful year winning trophies and medals all over the country , we have won lots of special awards including the school trophy, best choreography, most promising dancers , best technique and lots more .

Congratulations to all the above and also to every student who attends Mclaren Dance Company !! All the teachers are so very proud of each and every one of you!!!

Exam Results

MDC is delighted to say We have had a full school of Distinctions this year in RAD Vocational exams and NATD Tap Exams , Congratulations to all our students! 


Chistmas At The Dancehouse

Ebony Greenwood, Raya Cadle, Mollie Roberts, Ruby Nuttall, Holly Calvert, Maddison Thew, Neve Cross , Emily Clarkson, Millie Cross, Mia Bugg, Erin Hindle, Leonie Hellman, Elise Littler and Mia Oldroyd all were chosen to perform in The Northern Ballet Schools 2018 production of ‘The Nutcracker’ at The Dance House and Ruby Nuttall was given the main part of Clara. This year our students performed in their production of Coppelia.

The feedback we received about our dancers was amazing!

One thing I have been skirting around the whole review is the children. These were a group of extremely talented young girls (all roughly the same age, and certainly preteens. My guess would be 10 years old) They came from The McLaren Dance Company. Sadly the programme gives no further indication, but I must certainly find out more and watch out for more performances from this company. They were all incredible. Not only did they provide the ‘ah’ factor but their dancing was of an exceptionally high standard as was their stagecraft. Highly impressive. From the students of The Northern Ballet School, such things are taken for granted, but for girls as young as this to be so proficient, is really noteworthy.   

Matthew Dougal – Number 9 Theatre Reviews


Ruby Nuttall

Ruby Nuttall is the current TDCI British Ballet and Modern Champion of 2019!! Ruby also at The TDCI Junior British Championships was awarded the most promising female dancer over the whole competition. Ruby is also the current English TDCI Junior Song And Dance Champion .

Ruby won the TDCI British Juvenile Modern Championship in 2016 and then went on to become the British and English Junior Ballet Champion two years running in 2017 and 2018, She also won the Junior Ballet Champion Of Champions In 2018 , Ruby has won many other TDCI Modern , Ballet and Song And Dance Championships

Ruby was selected for a place at The Royal Ballet Schools Whitelodge last year and also for the Royal Ballet Mid Associates . She was also chosen by The Northern Ballet School to play Clara in their production of ‘The Nutcracker’

Ruby is also an ambassador for Insane Dancewear.


Junior British Ballet Champion 2019

Junior British Modern Champion 2019

Brandon Hunter

Brandon has just performed with the cast of Matthew Bournes ‘Rome And Juliet’ at The Lowry and was then invited to Matthew Bournes ‘Swan School’ this summer . Brandon was a finalist for Master Dance at The Winter Gardens And a Semi Finalist for BBCs ‘Young Dancer of the year’ in the Contemporary dance category.

Brandon Became TDCI North East England Senior Modern Champion this year and has been selected by Eden Dancewear to model for their brand.
He has also won the Regional Noda Award and nominated for The Sunshine Awards .

Brandon was offered unconditional places at both Bird College and Rambert School of Ballet And Contemporary Dance to start this September and has chosen to go to Bird. We wish Brandon all the very best of luck with his career.


Amy Longstaff

Amy has performed at Oldham Colliseum in panto, filmed videos with Stage Box Elite , performed with Shockout at Move It 2019 , been selected for Dane Bates piece in the Graduate Showcase and more recently been selected to be part of the Olivia Higham Company. In 2017 Amy was Runner Up Senior Fylde Coast Modern Champion and this year won Senior Miss Lancashire Dancer 2019.

Amy has taken part in many dance photo shoots and has even had a picture auctioned off ! Last year , Amy was awarded a Gifted and Talented Scholarship to Shockout Arts to complete her BTEc in Musical Theatre and she was asked to perform her lyrical solo as part of the graduate showcase at the RNCM. Amy was also awarded a scholarship to HDI.

Olivia Moore

Olivia last year became TDCI North England, White Rose and Doncaster Senior Modern Champion . She is now through to the Champion of all Champions final in January .

Last year Olivia competed in the TDCI British Championships where she placed 5th in her modern out of 92 dancers.

Olivia got through to The World Cabaret finals in Blackpool last year and has already got through to this years final in October 2020.

Last year Olivia won the Leger Miss Dance heat out of 45 competitors and will compete in the final this June at The Winter Gardens .

Olivia has also won Miss Lancashire Senior Cabaret dancer and gained Distinction in her RAD Advanced One ballet exam.


Holly Calvert

Holly has been training with MDC since January 2018 and is on the competition team. She completed her two year ballet associate programme with Elmhurst Young Dancers this summer.

Holly has been offered places at Moorland Associates and Northern Ballet.  She will be training with The Academy of Northern Ballet in Leeds on their Intermediate Foundation course from September onwards. She will continue her training with The Hammond School in Chester.

Last year she was asked to model for Xcite Dance Designs.


Maddison Thew

Maddison has just finished her professional debut as Susan Walker in ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ The Musical at Liverpool Playhouse Theatre.

Maddison is a member of the Royal Ballet Junior associates, Elmhurst Junior associates and has just auditioned and been accepted on Moorland Ballet Junior Associates which she starts in September. Maddison also auditioned and gained a place with Stagebox Musical Theatre Elite team this year and was selected by them to perform in The West End at the ‘Whats On Stage Awards’ . Maddie has won both the Junior Miss Lancashire Classical and Cabaret Dancer Award And was the TDCI White Rose Juvenile Ballet And Song And Dance Champion 2018. Maddie was also chosen by The Northern Ballet School to perform in their production of ‘Christmas At The Dancehouse ‘


Evie Dootson

Evie has been selected by Shockout Performing Arts to join their ‘Gifted And Talented ‘ Programme and will be joining them in September aswell as continuing her training with us at MDC.

Evie was also chosen by Craig Wharmby to perform at Disneyland with his team of dancers.

Sarah Burns

After training with MDC for a year Sarah has gone on to train at Bird College in London . Sarah danced for the press release of Mamma Mia 2 the film and was also selected by JD Sports to dance in their ‘Young Dancers’ Talent Campaign .Sarah is also an ambassador for Insane Dancewear.


Emily Clarkson

Emily was chosen by Eden Dancewear to do a photo shoot with them after their Eden Dancewear “Mini Model Search”.

The last two years Emily has performed with the Northern Ballet in their productions of the ‘The Nutcracker’ and Coppelia at The Dance House.

Emily is also part of the MDC Competition Team


Eleanor Broderick

Eleanor this year became Runner Up Miss Lancashire Senior Cabaret Dancer and gained Distinction in her RAD Intermediate ballet exam.

Also through an Instagram competition Eleanor was selected by photographer Hanri van Wyk to model a dance inspired photographic shoot.

Millie Cross

Millie performed with the Northern Ballet School in their Christmas Ballet production of The Nutcracker last Christmas .

Millie also began training with Denman Theatre Associates this year. Millie is represented by Warwick Management and Power Dance Agency and has had lots of auditions and been cast in TV adverts and modelling work.

Neve Cross

Neve will continue training once a month on the Denman Theatre Associate programme after being offered a 2nd year place.

Last year she took part in the Northern Ballet School Christmas production. She has been selected to be represented by Power Dance agency. Neve is once again looking forward to train with tap attack this summer.


Poppy Hart

This year Poppy has been chosen by Eden Dancewear to become an ambassador for them and performed with them at Move It 2019 on the main stage in their peice choreographed by Kyhrese Heron.

Poppy has also been a supporting actress on ITV’s ‘Coronation Street’ numerous times .


Lydia Hargreaves And Tasha Mcsherry

Lydia Hargreaves and Tasha McSherry trained with MDC for 16 years and have both been offered  bursary places at The Hammond School in Chester where they will train to become  professional performers and receive Dance/Musical Theatre Diploma/BA (Hons) Degrees validated by Trinity London.

Hundreds of dancers audition and only 4 students are chosen for the bursary !! We wish then both the best of Luck persuing her career as a performer!!!


Seren Dwfor-Jones

In May 2019 Seren won the Open age Drama Improvisation category (sponsored by Lucia Victoria Agency) receiving the Margaret Burton Trophy. Seren earlier this year performed at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester alongside the famous Brighouse & Rastrick Band.

Seren has been with Linton Management Agency since Autumn 2016. She has performed, as a supporting artist, in several TV productions including – Last Tango in Halifax (2016), Creeped Out (2017), Worst Witch Series 2,3 & 4 (2017-2019), So Awkward (2017), The 4 O’clock Club (2018) & the BAFTA award winning Class Dismissed (2018).”


Amy Roscoe

Since training with MDC Amy Roscoe has appeared on TV as a supporting artist in “Safe”, “Ackley Bridge”, “The Worst Witch”, “Butterfly”, “The 4 o’clock Club” and the new series of “Peaky Blinders ” which will be out shortly.


Ava-Grayce Gregson

Since training with MDC Ava-Grayce auditioned and became a full cast member of The English Youth Ballet (2019) appearing in the professional production of ‘Giselle’ at The Regents Theatre in Stoke on Trent .
Ava – Grayce has also won herself an associate place for the second year running with Denmans Theatre Productions (2019) and has been offered and accepted a place in The Moorland International Ballet Academy (2019-2020)
Ava – Grayce has also been offered a place with Warwick Modelling Management this year .


Arlette Larkin-Pardillo

Arlette is an ambassador for Click Away Photography and this year was invited to train with Abby Lee Miller in LA after being spotted at one of her masterclasses.

Arlette performed on the main stage at Move It 2019 with Eden Dancewear in their peice choreographed by Kyhrese Heron and she placed third in Miss Lancashire Senior Cabaret Dancer 2019.


Mia Grace Bugg

Mia this year won Baby Miss Lancashire 2019 and has successfully auditioned and taken part in Ballet West Edinburgh’s Junior Associates’s programme 2018-2019.

Mia is represented by South Coast Kids and is looking forward to filming her first TV commercial this autumn.


Morgan Clark

Morgan was chosen to be an ambassador for Xcite Dance Designs and has modelled for them for many dance shoots and been to dance conventions with them as an ambassador.


Darcey Bowles

Darcey Bowles has been a ambassador and photographic model for Eden Dancewear for 3 years,
Recently darcey performed with them at Move it 2019 mainstage for choreographer Khyrese Heron and assisted Miss Dani Mclaren at ‘The Eden Experience ‘ at Pineapple Studios in London.


Grace Bentley

Grace has danced with the English youth ballet in Giselle at Preston Guild and the Regional Youth Ballet with their production of Les Sylphides in Leeds.

Grace has recently appeared in CBBC’s Class Dismissed and itv’s drama Deep Water. This summer she has been filming for a new CBBC drama, Get Even.

Florence Moluluo

Florence successfully auditioned to be part of ‘Stagebox Minis’ where she’s enjoyed weekly training in musical theatre.  After a few months training with Stagebox, Florence was selected as one of very few in her group to be represented by Stagebox Management.

Florence has been represented for the past couple of years by one of the top UK children’s modelling agencies, where she has enjoyed shoots with well-known brands and fashion designers. She has won contracts with companies such as Next, Marie Chantal, Marks & Spencer and several more. Her personal highlights have included being a featured role in the 2018 Littlewoods Christmas TV commercial, and also being selected to spend a week in DisneyWorld Florida shooting for Tui/First Choice holiday brochures and websites.


Erin Hindle

Erin auditioned and was successfully chosen to be represented by Eurokids modelling agency.

Erin has recently been chosen to be the face of The National Ice Skating Association..


The Mclaren Dance Company
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